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A Message From the Chief

I trust you will find this website helpful and informative whether you are looking for contact information or interested in a joining the fire service and want to learn more. We are here to serve you.

The Kindersley Fire Department takes great pride in the many items that make us a leading community-based service organization. Items such as:

  • An outstanding commitment to providing quality services.
  • Our belief that we are an important part of our community.
  • Our commitment to providing high quality training to our personnel.
  • A consistent focus on meeting the community’s emergency response needs in a successful cost-efficient manner.
  • Our dedication to our overall objective of improving the quality of life and safety of the residents and visitors to the Town of Kindersley and surrounding RMs.

Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Fire Safety Education, and Rescue response: These men and women are highly trained, extremely motivated, and loyally focused on their core mission of serving the community. In my estimation, they are the finest fire and rescue service professionals there are.

In closing, we remain positioned to respond to your needs with professionalism, compassion, integrity, and respect.

Fire Chief Jeff Soveran

Our Vision

The Kindersley Fire Department will reach and exceed their objectives through continuous training.

We aim to support and be a part of our community. We will remain in the public eye through social media, education, participation at local events, fundraising, and more.

We will provide the most capable Fire and Emergency Service possible, while remaining professional, ethical, and recognizing the rights of others.

Our Mission

Under the direction of our Chief, and through the abilities of our members, the Kindersley Fire Department will provide the most effective Fire and Emergency services to the extent our training allows. We will do so while promoting safety and quality of life. We are here to serve our community.

A Message From the Deputy Chief

The Kindersley Fire Department has a leadership team with 1 Chief, 2 Deputy Chiefs, and various other Officers. With a current roster of 30 members, we proudly provide fire, medical assists, vehicle extrication, and other specialty services to the Town of Kindersley, RM of Kindersley (RM 290), and other various communities, totaling a first response area of over 5500sq/Km. With a commitment to training, fire prevention, and emergency response, we are able to aid our community in times of need, and protect their lives and property.

There is a long standing saying around the Kindersley Fire Department, “Modern day firefighters fight fires through training and education”.  We aim to prevent incidents before they happen, and teach our community how to safely respond to an incident once it’s started. Planning emergency responses to large complex buildings, and making in-home fire escape plans are both equally important to help us protect the lives, and property of our community. Ensuring smoke alarms work, keeping doors closed in the event of a fire, teaching people the information that is needed in the event of a disaster, educating businesses on building codes, and making sure workplaces comply with rules/regulations that are in place, are all key components to everyone’s safety.

The members of the Department come from all walks of life. They are grandparents, parents, single parents, sons and daughters. We have business owners, IT people, trades workers, barbers, welders, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, retail workers, and oilfield workers. Being a full time on call Fire Department means our regular employment and families are very understanding. With an average of 1 call every 3 days plus regular training, maintenance, and public education events, our members accumulate anywhere from 400-800 hours per year of time.

The RM 290 and Town of Kindersley provide automatic aid to all of our neighboring communities, some of which we are the Primary Fire Protection for. We have a great working relationship with all of the surrounding fire departments, and regularly assist/get assistance from them for emergencies, public education, and training.

I have the distinct privilege of being the Public Education Officer. Being able to see a child’s eyes light up as their fear disappears, and they become comfortable with a firefighter and our gear, or walking into a senior’s complex watching them laugh as they listen and partake in the learning moments- those are the moments I love the most as a firefighter.

Deputy Fire Chief
Public Education Officer

Mitchel Hope


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