Social Club’s Message

The Social Club is made up of members from the brigade. It was formed to build friendships, create and share memories, and to build the big family we are today.

Our Brigade is not just about fire services. We have many groups within our department that work on building relationships with the town and community.

Our job is to bring our members and their families together. In the social club, we value the families of our members just as much as the members themselves. We could not do what we do, without the support of our family and our family within.

We set up and take part in many events each year. From our Firefighter’s Ball to Fire prevention and all the BBQ’s in between. Some are for adults so we can take our mind off the stresses of life, while some include our families.

Big or small, the events are always fun, and we look forward to bringing our families closer together every year.

Tyler Bairos

Recent Events

Chili Cookoff

March 6, 2023|

February 12, 2023 was Super Bowl Sunday and the members of the Kindersley Fire team put on a chili cook off. Six members volunteered to bring their A-Game in the form of a big [...]

October BBQ

November 8, 2022|

Friday October 28th the social committee hosted a BBQ for our members and their families. It was a great success as everyone was able to fill up on some laughs and delicious food. After [...]

Our Events & Committee

See what our Social Club members have to say about the events we host:

Spring Function

Held in February

The Spring Function is our first annual event of the year held at the fire hall where our department and our families get together and share a meal. This is an event we use to relax and socialize as a family and make memories together. Food, drinks, laughs, and our families, what more can you ask for?

-Nicole Dufault

Social Club Christmas Party

Held between November 15th – December 15th

The KFB social takes pride in hosting multiple events and get togethers. The Kindersley fire brigade in the last couple of years has received invitations to the town of Kindersley Christmas party. All members and spouses get this invitation, and we use this opportunity as our membership Christmas party.

Following that the social club hosts a separate party to include members and their families for a more family orientated social gathering. This event is always fun as it will be in the spirit of Christmas where children will receive a gift. The party has been an event like swimming, bowling, or theatre rental to name a few. And being a Christmas party, we have Santa make a special stop.

-Byron Ismond

Firefighter’s Ball

First or second weekend in May

This event is for us, A way to acknowledge everyone’s accomplishments. Whether it’s through some tears, handshakes, or awards. It’s always awesome to see fellow Firefighters receive awards. It pushes me to achieve those milestones as well.  It’s a fun filled Night out with great food, awards, great entertainment, and best of all you are with your Firefighter family.

-Ron Cales

Fall BBQ

Held during Fire Prevention Week

The fall BBQ is a welcomed event near the end of grass fire season. With many events being held throughout the year which keeps everyone busy and on their toes. It’s nice to be able to wind down and hang out with the Family in a nice relaxing setting. Fry up some delicious steaks, some cold drinks, a good crew then add a little entertainment and you have the proper proportions on the tetrahedron for a good time. ZIIING ** yes that was a fire joke ** it’s definitely one of those needed events that lets us kick back and unwind with the fire family.

-Adrean Palm

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